Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ordinary Time: Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Old Testament Lesson

We see here in this passage a couple of truths for our lives. First, no one will be forever safe from tragedy.  And not amount of wisdom, or experience, or money, or even salvation will keep these things from happening.  Part of life is now that there will come times of sadness and crying.  That is part of the human experience. But, even in that, as Christians, we know that even in the times of sadness, God will not leave or forsake us. 

Second, in the story of wisdom, we see that the wisdom from the poor man was not listened to. Today, be aware that God can speak to you in many, many ways. Always be listening for God's voice, always be aware from the many ways God can speak.  Today, keeps your ears open. God will speak, and may through an unexpected way!

New Testament Lesson

We see Paul remind us of two very important truths. First, we are saved by faith. We are not saved by our works, for if we could be saved by what we can do, then there was no reason for Christ to die on the Christ. It is grace through faith by which we are saved, lest no man can boast. 

But, Paul also warns us, don't take advantage of that grace. Just because our works don't save us, does not mean that our lives don't matter. Let us never take God's grace for granted, let us never take God's forgiveness for granted. Let us never use the mercy and grace of God as a means to sin, thinking, it's ok, God will forgive.  Yes, God's grace is deep and amazing. But, let us never take advantage of the hard won grace of Jesus.  

Gospel Lesson

Jesus warned his disciples in this passage to be aware of the teachings of those that were not truly teaching what God would have. Lots of folks get up in pulpits, have websites, or tv shows that claim to speak for God.  If what they say does match Jesus' teaching and life, does it really?  

Lot's of people claim to speak for God. May we examine what folks say and may we match it up against God's grace.  May we today, as well, be aware of the yeast of the Phariesses.  

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