Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ordinary Time: Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Today, let us remember the United Methodist Churches in Mississippi that will be receiving a new pastor on this this day.  Let us remember as well pastors as they move to new appointments. 

Old Testament Lesson

There are certain passages in the Old Testament that make us scratch our head and say, huh?  This is one of them, as we see the earth open up and swallow those who through their pride had sinned. What are we to do with this passage?  What can it teach us today?  

Perhaps the great lesson we can learn from this passage is the power of sin, and the destruction it brings. These folks weren't randomly punished, this all happened because of their actions and sin.  Their sins had consequences on their lives. 

It's a quote I've used a million times, but I love it so much, but the reason why God hates sin so much is because of what it does to His children. Today, let us be careful with temptation and sin. And let us remember than in the end, as promising as temptation looks, it will destroy us.  

New Testament Lesson

We see today that Abraham was not justified by works, but by faith.  If anyone could probably have their works justify them, it may have been Abraham.  After all, he left all that he had to go to a land that God would show him.  He did what God commanded. But, this is not what made him righteous.  It was the fact that he had faith.  It was his faith that made him righteous.  That is what mattered.

Today, remember that we saved by grace through faith, lest no one can boast.  It is faith in Christ that saves, not the things that we do. Our faith then motivates us to live for Him, but  it is the faith; it must come first. 

Gospel Lesson

We see Jesus telling us that the problem with stuff is that we can be tempted to place it ahead of Him. He must come first.  He must have first place in our lives, in our actions, in all that we do.  He must be the primary, He must be the lead, He must be the Lord. 

Today, in all that we do, may it be done to the glory of God, and for His sake.  

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