Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ordinary Time: Thursday, June 19, 2008

Old Testament Lesson

Yesterday's passage Moses welcomed that others would be prophets like he was.  He was hoping that all God's people would have gifts and powers and callings.  He didn't want it to just be about him.  We see his brother and sister, in spite of Moses humility, want more attention thrust on themselves.  They said, don't we also have this gift?  Aren't we also prophets?  Moses is not the only one.  

The danger with the gifts of God are this. We can think that the gifts we have are ours because of us. Remember, our gifts are called gifts for a reason. They are given to us by God.  Let us remember with all the talents that we have that we are to praise the giver of the gift, and give credit and praise to our God.  

New Testament Lesson

Paul does something interesting in Romans. He shows how the folks in their world have sinned and done all these awful things. But then he says, so have each of us. He says why do you condemn others, if you do it yourself?  Why to take the speck out of your brother's eye, with the plank in your own. 

In this age we live in, we must be careful.  Let us not get so consumed with speaking against evil, with standing against sin, with condemning what is wrong, that we forget that we are also sinful. Let us not be so consumed with speaking against the sins of others that we forget, that we are also sinful.

Christians are not sinless. We need to remember that this morning.  We have simply received grace. And, if we have received grace for our sins, shouldn't we give grace to others?  As God has forgiven us, so should we forgive each other, and offer this grace to all those in need of it  

Gospel Lesson

Today, remember that we serve a God that would leave the 99 sheep to go our in search of the one lost one. Today, remember we serve a God that seeks the least, the last, and the lost. Today, may we remember the lengths that our God will go to see us come home. Today, may we remember just how much God loves us, and loves all that He has created.  Today, may we remember that Good Shepherd will always come for His sheep.  Today, may we rest in that.  

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