Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ordinary Time: Thursday, June 5, 2008

Old Testament Lesson

One of the things I've always liked about the Bible is that every emotion we could ever feel is found within the pages of it. Today, we read the author of Ecclesiastes sounding like he was really depressed.  He looks at humans and says that we are really no better than animals. Both work, both die, that's the way that it is.  He sees the ones that are oppressed and says that there is no one to help them or provided comfort.  He sees folks struggling with life and feels no hope for them. 

If there is anything in life that we need to guard against losing, it is our hope. When we lose hope, we lose so much, so much belief in the future, belief in the good, belief in what can be, belief in what God can do. We see him today lose his hope. Now, he is able to regain it someone later one. 

But today. let us not be so focused on circumstance that we forget that there is a God that can change circumstance. Let us not be so focused on the bad in life that we forget that there is a God that change our lives.  Let us not be so focused on how things are wrong, that we forget that there is a God that can, and will make all things right.  

New Testament Lesson

We see Paul correct the Galatians because they had made the mistake that we are all tempted to make. They had begun to believe that they were saved, that they were righteous, based off their works. It is the good that they had done that had brought them to God. 

Paul says, NO!  We are saved through faith.  It is not through works, not through the law, no thought anything that we can possibly do.  We are saved through the goodness of God, the grace of God, given to us. And then that grace motives and empowers us to do the good things in life that God calls us to do.

But, before any of that can happen (except grace, of course!) faith must com first.  It is faith that saves, not anything else.  

Gospel Lesson

This passage shows the heart of Jesus, and that in turn shows us the heart of God.  He looked upon the people, and He had compassion for them.  He saw them, and saw their need.  He saw their weakness, He saw that they needed Him and His grace. And He had compassion for them. 

We serve a compassionate, loving God.  A God that gave His Son for us that we could come home. Remember today, when He looks at you, He sees you though love, through mercy, through grace, through compassion.  He simply loves you today more than you can ever imagine.  

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