Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ordinary Time: July 17, 2008

Old Testament Lesson

We see one of the great things of the Old Testament in this passage. They pick up the stones, they carry them back, and the purpose is this. One day, the children will ask, why are there 12 stones here?  And they can retell the story of God's faithfulness to the children.  These things will be a testament, and they will make the children ask. That will give a means to teach about God's goodness.

As the father of a 4 year old, I now know the ability of a child to ask questions.  My prayer is that my life will be lived in such a way that she will ask questions about the way that I live, and it will give me a chance to explain the goodness of God.  May we all live in such a way that our lifestyle causes others to wonder about why it is that we live the way that we do.  

New Testament Lesson

Paul continues this thought; we are a living sacrifice.  A sacrifice is a gift given in worship. Today, Paul is telling us that our lives should be living as an act of worship before God. Everything we do, everything we say, every act of lives today, it is an act of worship, it is done to glorify God. 

Today, with all we do, and all we are; may we glorify our God!  

Gospel Lesson

One of the things that we see in the Bible is that certain stories are included, it seems simply to show folks acts of faithfulness. We see in the Old Testament, where just brief passages are included so that folks won't forget small acts of faithfulness. We see it today as this unknown woman's act faithfulness is included, simply to show others this act of faithfulness. 

Today, let us remember that if we do that which we are called to do; if we are faithful, God above sees.  And He gives the ultimate reward. Let us remember to be faithful to God, and each other, in all that we do.  And in doing that we follow the example of these faithful folk in the Bible.  

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  1. That verse from Romans took on special meaning for me a few years back when I donated Bone Marrow. Praying before dinner (?last supper?) the night before the procedure that is one of the verses which jumped into my mind. A literal expression of the spiritual instruction of Paul.