Monday, July 7, 2008

Ordinary Time: Monday, July 7, 2008

Old Testament Lesson

We see here part of the people of Israel say that they did not want to cross over the Jordan and take their portion of the land there; they were content and happy with the land they have found on the East bank of the Jordan. There they could protect their families, and have lots of land for their livestock. 

But, even though they had found what they were looking for, they knew that the journey was not just about them. They told Moses that even through they would not possess the land, they were willing to fight for it for their brothers.  

One of most important lessons that we can learn in life; and some folks never learn it, is that life is not just about us; not just about what we want. These two tribes found what they were looking for, but their journey was not complete until they had helped their brothers find their land as well. We live not just for ourselves, we live for God, and we live for those that we love.

Today, may we remember that we don't truly live until we are living for something besides our selves.

New Testament Lesson

One of the great truths about prayer is this: it's not about what we say.  It's about our hearts.  The words of prayer are not the important thing. The important thing is a heart lifted up to God.  Today, we see Paul tell us that the Spirit will intercede on our behalf when we do not have the words to say.  

God is not concerned about what we say when we pray. He just wants at that moment of pray for our hearts, our minds, for all that we are to be focused on Him.  If we do that; the Spirit will take care of the rest.  

Gospel Lesson

Jesus reminds us today that righteousness is not to be something done for others to see, it is not something to be bragged about, it is not something that we are supposed to tell others about. There is no need for us to brag about how faithful we are to God. We should simply be faithful.  Righteous, like prayer, is not done for others to see or hear, it is done for God to see and hear.  If we are faithful only for the eyes of humans, then we have received our reward.   If we are faithful for God's eyes, then we are truly doing as He would have us to do

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