Monday, June 8, 2009

Ordinary Time: Monday, June 8, 2009

Old Testament Lesson

The story of Ruth is a great one, one that we can learn many things from — grief, loss, redemption, service. But, one of the greatest lessons we can learn is the power of loyalty. Ruth is loyal to her mother in law, and will go with her where she goes. She will be true to the one that has been true to her.

There are many in life we should be loyal to. Family. Those that have stood by us in hard times. Those that have been our friends when we were in need. But, above all, God has been most loyal to us. He has never left our side. He has never forsaken us. He has always loved us.

As He has been loyal to us, may we be loyal to Him.

New Testament Lesson

Paul reminds us that he was once far away from God, and God did not give up on him. God redeemed that was as far away as even Paul. There is no life God can't save, no soul God can't redeem, no burden God can't easy. If God can use Paul, one that had done things that were unimaginable, He can use each of us in amazing ways!

Gospel Lesson

Today, they ask Jesus about a terrible tragedy there in Jerusalem. Why did it happen? Were these bad people? Why? And Jesus never answers the question. He simply says make sure your own heart is right and don't worry about what you don't/can't know.

In life, there are some things we will never understand. Some mysteries too deep. Some things unknowable. Some things that are just the mysterious realm of God. And that's when it's a great comfort to just trust that while we don't know always know what's going on, or why things are happening, or what the point even is, we do know God. And God is good. And God loves us. So, we trust. Even when we don't know why. We trust. Because He has never left our side.

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