Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ordinary Time: Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Old Testament Lesson

We see that when the people returned to God, He honored that. God is a god that longs for His people to come home. He's a God that longs for a relationship with His people. He desires to know us, have relationship with us, walk with us, draw near to us.

And don't we desire the same thing? Isn't our hearts desire to be in relationship with God? Isn't knowing Him more deeply and more fully what we desire? Just as He wants us to draw near to Him; our hearts ache to be with Him.

Today, and each day, may we turn our hearts to God.

New Testament Lesson

We see in this passage that the apostles, they couldn't do everything. They needed help. They were not able to do everything that needed to be done. It takes more than just them. So it is it for us today. It takes more than just me; more than just you. It takes all of us, working together for a common goal mission.

And when we all work together towards what God has for us, imagine what we can do! Imagine if all the church worked together for the kingdom, instead of being distracted by our differences. If we focused more on what we can do together instead of where we different, Wow! Imagine what God could do!

Gospel Lesson

Jesus gave us a this meal of Holy Communion not just to remember. But, to be active. To eat this meal as an act of preparation. One day, we'll feast together in heaven for all eternity. This gift of Holy Communion, it invokes to our heart what will be one day. Remember, this world is not our home. We have a better and more perfect place waiting on us. One day.

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