Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ordinary Time: Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Old Testament Lesson

There is no more fearful thing to do, I think, then to let your children go into the world. Our oldest starts school this fall, and I'm already terrified. We teach them, love them, prepare them, and send them out. And, still, quite often, they find trouble. And we think, don't you know better? Didn't I teach you better? Why are you doing this?

I wonder if our Father in heaven feels that way about us, His children, sometimes. He has loved us, cared for us, gotten us ready. And, in spite of that, we still choose wrong, make mistakes, do things we shouldn't.

Thankful, just as we love our children, no matter what, so does God love His children, no matter what.

New Testament Lesson

We see that on this day, all that called upon Jesus, all that turned to Him were saved. We try to make things too complicated then they really are, sometimes. God loves us, sent His son for us, wants to know us. Wants us to believe and follow. Is there more? Sure, but that's the basics. God loves you, wants to save you, wants you turn away from that which is wrong and choose that which is right. He gave His son for that reason.

Life's complicated enough. God's not going to make our salvation too complicated. (Romans 10:9). If we believe, confess, repent, we'll be saved. That's it, that's the list.

Gospel Lesson

God is the God of the living. All that are alive in God are alive! So, go out there and life today! Live boldly, live fully, live faithfully. Live with hope and joy and peace. Know that God is with you. Live in that. God is the God of the living. And through God, all things are make alive. Go, today, and live!

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