Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ordinary Time: Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Old Testament Lesson

We see the Lord work through the generosity of Boaz. Generosity and grace are things dearly needed in our world today and always. In being generous, in being kind and caring, in showing grace and mercy to others, we are mirrors of God's grace and generosity towards us. He has shown us goodness and mercy, grace and kindness. We should show that same generosity and caring to others.

And, if Christians are not generous and caring, then who will be? As God has shown us that mercy, may we show it each other and all the world.

New Testament Lesson

Paul speaks to leaders in the church throughout Timothy. He tells them they must be approve reproach. They must do right. They must live right. They must be a representative of Christ. Because they are. And, it's not just leaders in the church. But, each of us that are Christians, we represent Christ. We are His ambassadors in this world. We need to make sure our lives represent Him rightly. That doesn't mean being perfect; none of us are. But, it does mean living in a way that gives glory to Him.

Sometimes that means asking forgiveness for our mistakes. Sometimes it means doing the right thing at whatever cost. Sometimes it means giving a hug or warm word. But, whatever it means, may we live in a way that glorifies God.

Gospel Lesson

We see that Jesus tells us that the way is narrow, but all are invited to walk it. All are welcome, Jesus came to show each and all of us His love. He came so that not a single person would be unloved. He came so that all the world could know God's love and mercy and the that chance to walk with God.

Today, may we realize just how loved we are and may we know that Jesus walks that narrow path with us.

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