Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ordinary Time: Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Old Testament Lesson

We see that even as the Lord pronounces judgement upon those that have turned away, He keeps offering grace. He keeps offering mercy and hope and restoration. God, even when there is no reason, offers forgiveness. His forgiveness is not earned, it is given. The people had no right to want or to expect forgiveness from God. They had done noting worthy of it, they had repeatedly turned away. And He still offered.

They just had to accept that forgives. They had to receive it. They had start afresh. Today, so do we. This is a new day. The past is gone. This is a new day with new possibilities. What has been is not. Live in the newness of today and live in the hope of God's love and forgiveness.

New Testament Lesson

Paul reminds today, something I need to hear a lot, it's a good thing to listen more than we talk. Its good to listen to other people. To value them. To hear what they say. To remember that friendship and conversation are a two way street. It's no just for us to talk. But, also to list.

When need to do the same with God. Remember, prayer is not just the words we say to God. Prayer is also taking time to listen. To listen to God, to hear God, to know what He has to say to us. Today, while in conversation with God, take time to listen.

Gospel Lesson

Someone once said integrity is what you have when no one else is looking. That's a great statement. Who are we when no one is looking? Who are we when we are in private? Who are we when we are alone? Jesus reminds us that nothing is done in secret, but that God sees what is even done in the dark.

May we be people of integrity. May we love God and love neighbor, whether the entire world, or just God, is watching.

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